School projects


Worms3000 is a javascript- and HTML5 canvas -based variation of the classic snake game. The player controls a snake with the arrow keys of the keyboard, trying to grab as many of the drifting green food pellets as possible while at the same time avoiding hitting your own tail or getting attacked by the monsters that appear from time to time!


This tetris implementation is my final project for the course "Game Programming in Windows" at Mid Sweden University. As the course name suggests, it is a Windows game. Some of the optional features I have implemented include piece preview, ghost piece, quick drop and a full row animation.

Personal projects

The android app "ADR Dangerous Goods"

This app is a great help for anyone who handles dangerous goods in their work. It contains a searchable database of all the substances in the ADR system for dangerous goods, as well as functions for automatic calculation of value based amounts according to section, mixed loading warnings, and more.

Just like the app, this website lets people search our online database for any substance in the ADR system for dangerous goods. Users can view all the technical details about any substance, and also use a tool that helps calculate value based amounts according to section Note however, that the app contains much more powerful features than the website!